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🌟L A C I N G T O Y S 🌟 

Why the heck are lacing toys a thing?! If you have to ask, you haven’t played with one.

Not only are they shockingly satisfying to lace, unlace and lace up again, they also

  •  Improve hand-eye coordination
  •  Build pincer grip!
  •  Improved attention
  •  Develops patience and perseverance

This Wooden Wheels Lacing toy is made from SEVEN different types of Hard woods, meaning all these fabulous colours are 100% natural. How amazing is that!!


Hard woods include (Listed from top to bottom)
🌟Osage Orange
🌟Ambrosia Maple
🌟Orange Padauk
🌟Purple Heart


Each wheel ranges from 3/4" to 1 1/4" wide and 2" thick.

Lacing String is 11" long. 

Wooden Wheels Lacing Toy

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