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Our Policy Information

Everything You Need to Know

We founded The Wooden Kind with a number of key goals, among them making sure our customers always have an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience. We believe that the higher the quality of our service, the more customer loyalty we enjoy. Our store policies are laid out below - take a look.

Shipping, Returns &

Wood Grain Information

All orders will be shipped/ready for pick up in 7-10 business days after payment has been received. Orders will be shipped Nationally using Canada Post for $8. Special arrangements may be requested in advance, should the customer need their order sooner. We are not responsible for any orders that are lost, damaged or stolen once they are in the hands of Canada Post.

The craftsmanship and materials used in our products are guaranteed for life if care instructions have been followed. Toys with defects can be returned to us at any time for repairs or replacement, just email us to get the process started, We do stand behind our product and will repair or replace a damaged toy within the first year of receipt of your order for no cost if care instructions have been followed. It is the customers responsibility to mail it back to us. Please note that the original toy MUST be returned to us before we can issue a repair or replacement. Unfortunately, we are not able to repair an item if it has been altered by the customer or if the customer has attempted repair themselves. If it is a toy we no longer make or offer on our website, unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will have the parts to repair it.

Because we use natural wood and do not stain our wood, the markings on your toy are dependent on the tree that was cut down. Please know that we do not consider natural grain to be a faulty or defective product, in fact most customers love that their toy is unique. Occasionally you will see sap lines, spalting, gnarly or musical markings. Therefore, each toy is 100% unique and will not be identical to the promotional photos on our social media sites.


Cleaning & Care Instructions

Always inspect Toys for any damage before Play.

Wood is naturally antibacterial. Bacteria does not sustain life for long and does not duplicate on wood like it can on plastic or other surfaces.

When cleaning your toys, use a damp cloth and a spot of mild dish soap. Wipe dry immediately.


Never fully submerge in water or allow them to be soaked for a long time as it will ruin the grain and potentially hinder durability.


It is recommended to re-treat your toy after cleaning with a 50/50 mixture of beeswax and any natural oil such as coconut, avocado, or organic flaxseed oil. Simply wipe on, let soak, then wipe any excess off.


Just because a toy has lost some of its shine over time doesn't mean it's unsafe. And it is okay if you don't re-apply a finish, wooden toys get better with age - think about the ones you find in your grandparents attic!

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