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The Wooden Kind is a small independent workshop in Sudbury, dedicated to the production of hand-crafted wooden toys for babies and children. The simple & modern designs of their toys are meant to help spark the imagination and creativity of little ones all while offering a plastic-free toy alternative in the home. Not only do their toys bring a feeling of nostalgia to Parents and Grandparents, but they can also double as beautiful “minimalist” home decor.

The Wooden Kind believes that Families should start looking at their toys the same way they look at their food - they should know where it came from and what's in it and what is it made from. All their toys are eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic and handmade with local materials. The Wooden Kind stands behind making the world a healthier place for both our children & our environment. These hand-crafted, all-natural Wooden toys hope to foster positive change in our world, inspire creativity and capture nostalgia

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