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Night Moose Co.

Welcome to our Brother Company - Night Moose Co. A company dedicated to bringing you Northern Ontario inspired stickers, hats and apparel.

Read more about the Night Moose Co. Below.


Stickers & Decals

Browse our always growing collection of high quality, die-cut vinyl sticker on any surface. And Yea - they are waterproof.



Look through our Night Moose inspired Apparel. Currently offering long-sleeved shirts but we have MORE apparel on it's way. Keep checking back for Tank tops and Crewnecks. 


Snap Back Hats

Our best-sellers.. the snap back hat. Check out our variety of high quality hats. A perfect addition to your adventure gear. 

Our Story

Welcome to our Ontario Adventure-Inspired Company. Night Moose was created on a Boys Portage Trip deep in Algonquin Park. Yes, Night Moose is a pun for Bob Seger's famous ‘Night Moves’ song. Try NOT to sign Night Moose every time you hear that song now 

On late evening, while under the influence at their camp site deep in Algonquin Park, the boys believed they heard a Moose stomp through their site. Instead of investigating, they say there enjoying the sounds of the animal, the starry night sky and their beverages and the Night Moose song was created. The Canoe they travelled in quickly adopted the Night Moose Name.

Whenever we happen to adventure with our Canoe rockin’ the Night Moose decal, we are often stopped and asked the significance of the canoe name. The story will bring smiles, chuckles and even photographs from fellow adventurer’s. So we wanted to spread the joy by creating and sharing Night Moose Merch with the rest of the world.



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